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Bulk Sale add-on to Coursepress

Technology used: PHP, WordPress Repo Problem: I was working with a group of clients that are using the Course press LMS plugin for WordPress. Many of the clients were selling multiple seats to their course at a time. The sales process was bottle necked by a signup process the required each student to go through…
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Stripe payment Report Dashboard

Technology used: PHP, REST-API, Laravel Framework, Bootstrap Problem: Red Jacket West, an online course production company, was losing many labor hours every month reviewing Stripe payment gateway reports to calculate payouts to their clients. Solution: I was working as a Server / WordPress admin for this company at the time. After hearing an operations executive…
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Shopify Thinkific Integration

Technology used: PHP, REST-API, Laravel Framework, MailGun, Bugsnag, Bootstrap Problem: Two companies wanted to partner. One company had a well-established marketplace built on Shopify. The other, an educator with an online course to sell built in thinkific (an online LMS). There appeared to be no easy solutions. Until they hired me. Solution: The solution was…
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NMLS Banking Report

Technology used: PHP, Python, Shell,  Laravel Framework, Bugsnag, Bootstrap Problem: A team I work with uses a proprietary LMS to track and manage their training. After their customer’s complete training, the admins needed to submit proof of completion to a government portal.   The student-completion-report that is generated from the LMS is an aggregate of…
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Events + Tickets

Technology used: PHP, REST-API, AJAX, Laravel Framework, MailGun, Bugsnag, Bootstrap Problem: The Knowledge Coop, an e-learning company, was using Shopify to sell tickets to their live events. One issue the “Coop” faced was not being able to collect attendee information relevant to the live event. The Coop wanted to Collect Dietary needs Collect attendee information…
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