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How To Write a Marketing Report

Marketing Reports consist of two basic parts The Executive Summary Sales and Marketing’s impact Effect of efforts on digital footprint Effort Direction and why Campaign / Effort Summary. Restate H(a) State findings summary State recommendations Display supporting Data. Marketing reports almost always are directly related to a proposal. The need to write this outline came…
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How to do A/B testing.

What is A/B Testing? What is an A/B Test? A simple example of A/B testing on a website would be splitting incoming traffic between two or more versions of a landing page to see which variation performs best. Ideally, the A/B test would produce insight on which landing page variation results in a higher number…
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Case study: A business problem solved with a script.

An interesting programming problem that I got to work on was formatting and removing duplicates from a +10000 contact CRM(Hubspot). A company I was working with was renewing their contract with Hubspot. They had many of duplicates and inconsistencies. They wanted to clean the CRM by having all the contact information formatted and having the…
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A letter with love to WordPress.

I <3 WordPress sooooo much. My first contract, 5-6 years ago was my introduction to WordPress. I was barely literate in PHP and I was tasked with customizing a theme to meet the client requirements. Thinking back to it now I’m smiling. I had no process, no server experience, and I think it was my…
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Online Donations and Awareness

Technology used: Google Analytics, Facebook Ad platform, Stripe, Google Adwords, Youtube   The Problem: A wonderful non-profit wanted to open up additional revenue streams. They had just commissioned a new website but didn’t have a donation funnel. I planned, wireframed, and built a donation landing page. I built a donation form that used the Stripe…
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Selling Loan Officer training through Facebook

Technology used: Google Analytics, Facebook Ad platform, Hubspot CRM, Shopify   Problem: A team that sold loan officer training wanted to experiment with Facebook ads. They were selling a two-hour class with a high price point. The Solution: I experimented with video and image ads. I started with a wide net of all people related…
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Vue Email Signature

Technology used: Javascript, Vue.js, Bootstrap Problem: I was working with a team managing their Facebook ads when A member of the executive team mentioned a desire to have more professional and uniform email signatures. He went on to explain that he found a paid service to solve this problem – I was interested in…
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Bulk Sale add-on to Coursepress

Technology used: PHP, WordPress Repo Problem: I was working with a group of clients that are using the Course press LMS plugin for WordPress. Many of the clients were selling multiple seats to their course at a time. The sales process was bottle necked by a signup process the required each student to go through…
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Stripe payment Report Dashboard

Technology used: PHP, REST-API, Laravel Framework, Bootstrap Problem: Red Jacket West, an online course production company, was losing many labor hours every month reviewing Stripe payment gateway reports to calculate payouts to their clients. Solution: I was working as a Server / WordPress admin for this company at the time. After hearing an operations executive…
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Shopify Thinkific Integration

Technology used: PHP, REST-API, Laravel Framework, MailGun, Bugsnag, Bootstrap Problem: Two companies wanted to partner. One company had a well-established marketplace built on Shopify. The other, an educator with an online course to sell built in thinkific (an online LMS). There appeared to be no easy solutions. Until they hired me. Solution: The solution was…
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